Çagri Şahin;

Cagri Sahin, who was one of the most recognized names on the internet at his young age, was born on September 21, 2003 in Istanbul. Çağrı Şahin, who is a Virgo, carries the characteristics of his sign. The Internet phenomenon, which has a rigorous view of life, reflects this in its photographs. From an early age the world to see and the passion for adventure, attracted him to himself. In this in accordance with adventure, he traveled to various countries around the world and was interested in extreme sports with a passion for adventure.

Cagri Sahin, who has a different life style, started to share the photos he took in visited countries and events on Instagram, the famous social media platform. In a short period of time, many people interested in photos received many likes, clicks and comments. While the number of followers increased rapidly, Çağrı Şahin became one of the most recognized names in the internet world.

Çağrı Şahin goes to many different countries during summer holidays and his favorite countries are USA and UK. The internet phenomenon Şahin, who travels almost everywhere in these two countries, is also known for his passion for cars. Talking about the poses he gives in different and luxurious cars, Çağrı Şahin enjoys extreme sports and especially Off Road. The ATV drive is a great passion for the Internet phenomenon, while the ATV is taken in shooting poses great interest.

Cagri Sahin