Cyprus Travel Notes

Cyprus Travel Notes

Cyprus is called as "Yavru Vatan" and is one of the places where you have a unique holiday. Are you ready to discover the unknown parts of Cyprus ? When you read my Cyprus trip notes, you will have a lot of new information about foster-land. Let's make it clear. There is a big difference between the Cyprus holiday and the Cyprus trip. When you go on holiday, you will only see a particular environment. But when you take a trip to Cyprus, you will be surprised how many places this little island has to visit. On Cyprus Trip you learn Cyprus from the beginning.

Cyprus is a place that can be defined as "under your nose". When you take a flight from Istanbul, you will be landing at Ercan Airport only 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you're wondering why Ercan Airport's name is Ercan, this is the surname of a martyr officer. There are many traces of war in Cyprus. In some moments, you can really shed your hair. Although the war is over, the conflict between the Greeks and the Turks is still continuing. The borders are quite clear. People continue to live by looking at these limits every day.

Going to Cyprus

The North Cyprus is not recognized by other countries. You make your journey in the form of departures from the International Lines. When you leave the country, you can make an exit using your identity. If you leave with your passport, you may have problems with your visa. You are not charged overseas mortar stamp for travel. Flight tickets and photocopy of identity must be approved at the airport due to being in the state of emergency.

After arriving to the island, if you have had a hotel booking or you had bought a tour, you can go to your hotel by shuttle service. Taxi fares are a bit high, so it's important to set your distance well. If you plan to travel, car hire is the best option. You should choose local firms for car rental. There are no famous brands like Sixt, Budget, Avis in the country. Car rental service can be done in minimum 3 days. They don't get insurance or provision. Very old system functioning procedures are available.

The traffic of Cyprus continues from the right side. So the steering wheel's on the right. This tool can make it very difficult to use. Therefore, be sure to consider this before you rent a car. The roads on the island are single-lane and there are speed limits everywhere. There is no camera anywhere because you can not speed.

Cultural Structure in Cyprus

Like Turkey, Turkish Lira is using in Cyprus. There are also banks operating in Turkey in Cyprus. Casinos and nightlife are the cornerstones of the tourism sector in the country. The country is almost alive with this. Those who want to buy alcohol in Cyprus prefer to use Duty Free instead of the covered license markets and make a more profitable shopping. The prices are more reasonable, and you will have a chance to negotiate. If you return to Sabiha Gokcen Airport on your return, 3 people per person, if you are going to Ataturk Airport, you can bring 4 bottles of alcohol per person.




In Cyprus, Turkish is speaking there. Only, they spell "K" letter as "G".  In Cyprus, casinos are full. Inside you can eat and drink free of charge. You can stay in the casino for hours at a price of 100 TL.

The weather in Cyprus is warm for 70 % of the year. Especially in the Karpaz area, the beaches are amazing.

The History Of Cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterrenean Sea. The island remained under the control of the countries like Venice, Ottoman, England until the Republic of Cyprus was founded in 1960. Between 1960 and 1974, the Greek and Turkish relations have been thoroughly damaged. Turkey in 1974 to 37% of the island by organizing the Operation has received under the control of Turkish Cyprus. The results are encouraging many immigrants from Turkey placed candidate.


There are two accommodation options in Cyprus. You'll either choose a lot of luxury hotels or stay in clean and shabby, but 3-star places. If your goal is to spend time in the casino, you can also enjoy the casinos by staying in the most luxurious hotels in the country. Some hotels can offer their guests accommodation services free of charge even if they are going to play high-stakes games. However, if your purpose is to visit Cyprus, you can choose more suitable options.

Cuisine in Cyprus

Şeftali Kebab is one of the most famous foods in Cyprus. Contrary to popular belief, there is no peach in the kebab. The kebab that is said to be Chef Ali's work; with onion, minced meat and parsley. The Fırın kebab in Cyprus is also delicious.

Among other famous dishes, you can try the Avcı Böreği. One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to Cyprus is Hellim cheese. You will have the chance to eat Halloumi Cheese in many places you go for breakfast. In many places, there is a buffet or spread-out breakfast.

Cyprus Travel Notes

In Cyprus, the roads are full of flowers and green tones. Travel from where you start, it is a great pleasure to just drive on the roads. The ancient city of Salamis in Famagusta is one of the most interesting historical sites in the country. History of BC This ancient city, dating back to the 11th century, was unearthed in 1974. The ancient theater has an incredible eco. According to the rumors, Barnabas was preaching here.

The Church of Barnabas is located very near. Barnabas claims to be Cypriot. Whoever Barnabas is, he is known as the Apostle who sees Sumela in his dream. Unlike the gospels of Matthew, Lukas, Mark and John, the gospel of Barnabas is not mentioned as Jesus' son. He is only portrayed as a good person. Access to church and museum is chargeable.




In the city center of Gazimağusa, there are Namık Kemal Dungeon and Venedik Palace. Namık Kemal, due to Vatan Yahut Silistre theater play, is exiled to Cyprus when it creates a reaction in public and this dungeon has been staying for 38 months. The dungeon is quite small and looks out into the courtyard of the palace. Inside there is only one bed.

This region is quite rich in history. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque is one of the places worth seeing. The real name of the mosque. Nicolas Cathedral. Like many other churches in the region, the minaret was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period. Cümbez tree in front of this mosque is known as the oldest tree on the island.

Maras, which was captured and evacuated by Turkish troops during the peace campaign, is one of the neighborhoods of Famagusta. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus. Non-soldiers are not allowed in. For this reason, it is called heavenly heaven. Even sharing the photos of the area is forbidden. Life stopped inside.

Bellapais Monastery in Girne is one of the points worth seeing. This is a complete viewing point. You can feel yourself in a completely different country. Quite authentic place. The port of Kyrenia is an ideal place for both dining and sightseeing.

Another city in Cyprus is Nicosia. You will be impressed by the Museum of Barbarism. Here; the house of a family whose wife and three children were killed because he was a military doctor during the war. The traces of the bullets on the walls, the traces of blood in the bathtub, even the soaps used by the family are preserved in the original form. Everything can be seen as the massacre. A place that hurts people.

When you leave the Barbarism Museum, you can reach Büyük Han by the Girne Gate. Here is the Selimiye Mosque. The Underwater is a great spot to relax and sip coffee. You can try Cyprus-specific CON coffee here. Other points you might want to see; Kyrenia Castle, Blue Pavilion, Sunken Ship Museum, will be Saint Hilarion Castle.

Casinos in Cyprus

The Cyprus casinos are quite spectacular and fascinating with their services. Cyprus is known of the Las Vegas of Mediterranean Sea, and there are 25-30 casinos . The annual contribution to the country is 600 - 700 million dollars. This figure accounts for 20-25% of the Cyprus balance.

When you think of Cyprus, many people think about casinos. Turkish Lira passes through casinos. Everyone in certain rooms in the casinos can not enter. Only high-stakes players are receiving these rooms. In the section which is the entrance floor, everyone can play at all tables.

When you enter, you can forget the time concept. Free alcohol and cigarettes are constantly distributed. No one is involved in how much you play. Play 1 TL or 1 million TL if you want. There are many machines and games in the casinos. Hotels can host you for free if you gamble with a certain figure. I've mentioned about this before. Not all hotels in Cyprus are priced high. Some places can stay at very reasonable rates.



For people who will visit casino for the first time, it's important to know rules, how to contact with personnel and understand security issues. It's very important that you ask when there's something you don't know. You will be asked to investigate the rules of the casino from the beginning. Some casinos have strict rules, while the rules of some casinos can be extremely flexible.

First of all, there are age limits in Cyprus casinos. To be able to log into the casino you must be 24 years old. Identity is definitely looked after. They even record your pictures at the casino entrances.

It is forbidden in the casinos to disturb other players, debate or fight. If this happens, you are taken out of the casino by security. Even if the business goes to the next level, you are taken to the lists listed as the Black List and you are subject to the prohibition of entry to the Cyprus casinos for life.

It is also important that you take care of your costume and clothing when you go to the casino. I'm on vacation, no shorts. You can't go inside the casino with a dress like that. The rule of clothing is one of the most important rules. It's important to go with a stylish outfit, even if it's your own casino. You can also check in with a T-shirt. However, it is not possible to enter in shorts.

Each 5-star hotel in Cyprus has its own casino. It is possible to use the hotel's casino free of charge. If you are going to enter another casino from the outside, you should generally get minimal credits. The figures are quite small. You can enter any casino with a credit between 25 and 50 TL.

The casino suggestions are;

Cratos Premium Hotel: A very stylish and luxurious hotel that stands out with its fleet of luxury vehicles such as Hummer, Rolls Royce, Limo, Jaguar and Bentley. The casino area is 4 thousand square meters and has an Egyptian architecture. Italian style tables, massage service during the game, buffet, Aela carte restaurant, special shows such as great shows are available.

Casino Merit Royal: This hotel has a property offering services throughout Northern Cyprus. Both Girne and Nicosia have facilities. A buffet service with 1200 employees, A ilela carte restaurant, as well as services like 7 days 24 hours with different shows.

Elexus Hotel: With gold-plated roulette, Full HD graphics on Slot machines, one of the luxurious casinos with dedicated players' space and visual shows.

We can say Acapulco Casino, Rocks Casino, Grand Pasha,Skull King Casino, Savoy Ottoman are the other good casinos.