İstanbul Travel Notes

İstanbul Travel Notes

İstanbul is a city that ravaged the world, made the nations fall out with each other, and destroyed dozens of people. According to the some people, even if İstanbul is a kind of passion, İstanbul is a light ball from my eyes. Something is as attractive as it shines, like that. I set out to travel to Istanbul and to visit many places. Before I went to this city, I knew I would destroy the peace given by the Bosphorus at the metro stops. My senses didn't surprise me, and as I said, the sensual touches of the throat disappeared in the frightened order of Metro stops.

I took my tickets before 3 months of this travel plan. With the power of the favorable bargain, I had an ordinary flight journey. When we experience the winter months, I had to be gone, and the first impression of Istanbul at the time I got off the plane was just the cold air. It wasn't just cold, i experienced  a kind of "frost". The temperature was at 10 degree. My first task was to find a place at the airport and wear something thicker. After landing at Atatürk Airport, I used local minibus to get to my hotel on the Anatolian side. We couldn't just say it was like minibus, it was actually a transportation line. After paying 10.50 TL in total, I went down to Kozyatağı subway in 45 minutes. From there I opened the Google Maps application and went to my hotel with the help of my phone.


Like your forecasts, İstanbul is a more expensive city more than expected. Although I went to work due to my work, I decided to visit Istanbul. So he had a small accumulated job. What did you spend the most in Istanbul? If you ask, I can say transportation without doubt. I've spent a lot of money on alternative cities even before I get to my hotel. There are too many alternatives to stay in this city. I prefer the street lodges. In this way, I buried a few days in the cool waters of Istanbul. Prices are quite expensive.


Forget everything, do you know what should you taste in İstanbul ? After I left the airport, I saw the bagels that poured the water out of my mouth, making me forget the noise of the dingy but grandiose city. Immediately I threw myself at the hotel and started to progress and found a nice place on the edge of the throat, I just smoked bagels and tea. I want this pleasure to be enjoyed by almost every person in the world. I'm sure you'll never feel so empty. Of course, after this pleasant moments, a polite and stylish dressed waiter, under the napkin, attached to the account of 10 TL and depresse