Kapadokya Travel Guide

Kapadokya Travel Guide

Do you have an excuse for travelling ? Today, the only thing you should have in order to travel will be cash money for you. If you have some money, you would go everywhere you want. As a person who fall in love with travelling and geography, I want to inform about Nevşehir to you. I went to Nevsehir a few times before that. I get excited when I tell you about this trip I went to Cappadocia for the first time. This isn't a city. According to me, this is a spirituality. This is a geographical area. The fame of this region is surrounded by the whole world. There are a lot of natural beauties in this region. The fairy chimneys that are reputed to be everywhere, are a blessing dedicated entirely here. Surrounded by lava from the mountains around him slowly damaging the structure of the structure, later left him a legendary work of art. The ground here is quite soft. If you say how you understand the ground is soft, be sure that you will feel the tissue when you make your first step. The only thing I'm sorry about this trip is that I haven't been to the surrounding cities. I do not like to skimp on miser, but Cappadocia has only tied me to it. I couldn't go anywhere else. If I had a little more time I would like to visit Aksaray, especially Niğde and Kayseri. Anyway I would like to return to the location again.

I got here by road. You can come here from the center with a little effort. I'm hardly in the process, obviously. If you have a personal car and you have a map, you won't be forced. The roads are pretty neat, but the dust is too much around here. Here, especially those who are on the way to breathing diseases, should not come. Also, definitely bring a hat when you come here. Unfortunately, I had to take it from the hotel market to a very exorbitant price. And you're guessing that it gave me some pain.

I want to give details to you like my hotel before telling the visited places in the touristic region now. Here, life is so easy, and the equiation is simple if you go shopping, you will live. Also, if you want to make a very energetic holiday, you are not at all true. Here's just about everything you might need to listen to the head and spend a few days in a different bioma. Perhaps a balloon tour may reflect the greatest action.


There are some alternatives for the concept of accommodation. Definitely, my advice for you is choosing your hotel personally. Today, there are dozens of hotels and tourism sites. You can make a reservation by going to a reliable one of these sites. I came to the important point along with the research I made and the hotel I chose, where the hotel management is a lot different but much more different. There aren't any big hotels covered with huge glass. On the contrary, there are miniature room-based structures that fit exactly to the stone-walled environment. I've stayed in these. The biggest advantage of these hotels is that you are intertwined with the earth. In busy business life and daily life, people often stay on the land for stone. This is a pretty good alternative to leave them behind. It may be useful to bring flies with you. Otherwise, some nights may have problems.


I can't say this region adds itself a serious gastronomy effect. On the contrary, imitator dishes throw javelin. You must have the biggest chance for a decent meal. Although the hotel I stayed in was a bit more salty than others, it never left me alone in these matters. I was satisfied with all the products given. When you get here, you have two important jobs. Even if you don't have a self-catering meal, don't be happy to see yourself in the village breakfast venues, which are located in the hills in the first minutes of the morning dancing with the sun. The sun is slowly rising at that time, from the copper field to the front of the egg to eat bread to take all the stress and distress. Some sellers have famous sherbet. Don't miss them either.


It's possible to need an extra car for transportation here, but if you choose your hotel with a reasonable choice; hotels can provide many different services.  Although I went my personel car, I had a lot of sightseeings thanks to the hotel services. There are special regions like Uçhisar, Göreme, Çavuşin, Ürgüp and Avanos in this region. I had opportunity to visit most of them thanks to hotel services. As far as I learned from my friends, there are transportation companies in the region. Another thing to keep in mind is that you are definitely with the community. In this way, you can spend more quality time and benefit from the facilities offered for the community, you can make activities at more affordable prices. Now that I'm talking about a community, the shoe you're wearing is very important. The bottom part needs to be thick. I know from there that I had a few friends who were wearing shoes that were sub-base thin and were uncomfortable because of it.


There are a lot of entertainment types here. I don't add balloon tour which is provided by every hotel in this region. As an extra,  I had a safari trip with jeeps. It was a very fun but a short experience. I also didn't get much pleasure from staying in one of the few groups of friends. Hotels here are not very suitable for nightlife. Even with some exceptions, you need to find your own entertainment when you look at today's conditions. In these lands that foreign tourists have flocked in every period of the year, the domestic operators keep the sector in their hands by keeping the Turkish and cultural harmony alive. You can participate in the entertainment organized by paying around 150 TL at night. Turkish plays and humor shows are held in these entertainments. When I left, I joined a "sıra gecesi". It was also a fun tourist attraction. I watched this show in a place that smelled of Urfa and I tasted amazing local food.

Places to Visit   

I joined an horse trip near Uçhisar. With this tour, I think that I can make the most of the first lights of the morning. Remember, if you don't get up here early, you lose the day very quickly. Again, do not forget to take photos of the Uchisar side and take photos. I recommend you bring a large storage device. Although it seems like a place to take a few photos, make sure that even if you don't, there is a photography lover. You will be stranded in the middle of nature's unique beauty. Don't say I haven't seen Kızılvadi before. Many different hotel tours already stop by. You should not forget the skirts of Kızılırmak and Avanos. They will take you all the way to another place.


A lot of different places are waiting for you Ürgüp and Göreme streets. There is a big shopping chain which is held by local people still. Traditionally, these vendors will continue to cultivate the culture. Here you can find dozens of products that you won't find anywhere. When the price comes to understand that you are unfamiliar to the trades unfortunately the mouth lifts up. But this is not a problem. If you have a small bargaining dialogue, you can see that the products can be purchased at the price they are selling. We also recommend that you carry cash rather than a credit card.